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“Your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time will determine your success”  Eric Worre - Professional Networker / BDP Team Mentor

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Million Dollar Business Skills You Need

Your Initial Interview, The 7 Skills, Your Action Plan, The Launch And The Forms And More...

Alex Kokin

One of the reasons that my wife Marlena and I became Isagenix's 75th Millionaires is the Initial Interview we have with each of our personally sponsored Associates. During the interview, we prepare an Action Plan based on the Associate's goals, set a timeline, the best way to communicate and give an overview of the 7 skills needed to succeed. You can the Initial Interview I use in my Fast Start Guide, or by following this link.

Alex Kokin, Isagenix Millionaire, 100 Pound Club Member

Decide To Become A Professional Networker! If You Want To Enjoy True Financial And Time Freedom, You MUST Make The Commitment...

To increase your chances of success, you MUST have the Initial Interview with your Sponsor. Not only will you decide on the best way to communicate, but you will learn important deadlines that will allow you to maximize the many initial bonuses available. Also, you will learn how you can start accumulating volume in your Team that can eventually become a fantastic residual income for you and your family. You can find the Initial Interview here.

The best place to learn the 7 skills is directly from the Master himself, Eric Worre. His Go Pro Book sets the standard you need to follow as a Professional Networker. HERE IS THE LINK TO PURCHASE THE GO PRO BOOK AT ERIC WORRE”S PAGE.

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR introducing the 7 Skills.

NOTE: The numbered tabs above, provide a summary of each of the 7 skills. This will help you get started right away!

Skill #1: THE LIST – Finding Prospects

This is the most important skill you will ever learn. It can make or break your business. 80% of people will fail right away. Why? Because they fail to take this “List Making” step seriously. The people that do succeed in network marketing actually approach this like a Pro. They sit down with a piece of paper preferably our memory jogger form, and then ask themselves “Who Do I Know? Who Do I Know? Who Do I Know?” They don’t stop after making their initial list, instead, they add new names to their list every single day, every single week.

One of the most successful List Builders of all time, book writer Harvey Mackay, author of “How To Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, recounts that his father sat him down when he turned 18 and told him: “Harvey, starting today and for the rest of your life, I want you to take every person you meet, get their contact information and find a creative way to stay in touch.” Today, Harvey has a list of over 12,000 influential people that he networks with and stays in touch.

So how do you make a successful list?

I’m going to give you three tips. The first tip is to make your list as comprehensive as possible. Include every person that you can think of, every person.

The second tip has to do with the concept that we are all six levels away from any per- son in the world. That’s the Six Degrees Of Separation concept. I’m not sure if it’s a myth or if it’s true, but I do believe in the general concept. You should be looking at your list and thinking about the people that those on your list know. In that second degree of separation, chances are you will know many of them also.

My third tip for you has to do with constantly expanding your list. This is what profes- sionals call an “active candidate list” as it never stops growing. You should add at least two people to your list every single day. You might not prospect them right away, but as Harvey McKay’s father said, they go on the list and you should find a creative way to stay in touch with them.

In conclusion, never stop meeting new people and adding them to your list. Your busi- ness depends on this! Oh, and one more thing… Teach your people to do the same and you will be closer to getting paid and getting your people paid! That’s it for Skill #1.

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #1


Skill #2: CONNECT – Inviting Prospects

You invite prospects to understand the opportunity and the product.

After observing how top earners invite prospects to a presentation, I learned that they were simply building relationships. They were acting more like a farmer than a hunter.

Your objective needs to be to educate your prospect rather than to immediately recruit them. By building trust, you will be able to successfully transfer your belief in the oppor- tunity and products. There are two major ways to educate your prospects. The most ef- fective one are events. Use them whenever there’s an event nearby. But keep in mind that the most duplicable way to educate your prospect is with TOOLS. This is key to building a huge business!

Remembering that your success will depend on your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time, the use of tools should become the cornerstone of your business building activities.

Those who follow this advice will never fall into network marketing mediocrity!

To be a great inviter you have to follow four basic rules.
• Rule number one you must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome. • Rule number two you must be your self.
• Rule number three bring some passion.
• Rule number four have a strong posture.

Finally, I will give you now the invitation formula… • Step One: Be in a hurry.
• Step Two: Compliment your prospect.
• Step Three: Make the invitation.

• Step Four: Use “If I __________, would you _________?”
• Step Five: Confirmation number one – get the time commitment.
• Step Six: Confirmation number two – confirm the time commitment. • Step Seven: Confirmation number three – schedule the next call.
• Step Eight: Get off the phone!

Skill #3: PRESENT – Presenting To Prospects

There are many ways to build the business in Network Marketing that work, but keep in mind one thing: In Network Marketing it doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates!

Because of the above, I assure you that the fastest way to master this third skill is to do what the Pros do: The pros use tools instead of their own wisdom.

So use the videos on your replicated page, or the Launch Party Kit, or your favorite tool from and remember, when you are prospecting, you are the messenger—not the message. Get yourself out of the way and use a third-party tool.

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #3


Skill #4: FOLLOW-UP – Following Up With Prospects

This particular skill is where ALL the big money is made in Network Marketing. You could be a Master at all the other skills, but if you are mediocre at this skill, the money will simply not be there…

  • Concept #1–Follow-up is doing what you said you would do.
  • Concept #2–The only reason to have an exposure is to set up the next exposure.
  • Concept #3–It takes an average of 4 to 6 exposures for the average person to join.
  • Concept #4–Condense the exposures for better results. Posers prospect someoneonce and move on. Amateurs prospect someone through several exposures over a longer time. Professionals condense those exposures into the shortest time possible.The best follow-up question I’ve ever used is: “What did you like best?”It is in the Follow-Up that you should consider doing a 3-way call with your Sponsor. Do this ONLY AFTER establishing that your prospect has some interest in Isagenix once they have been exposed to at least one of the tools.

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #4 (Part 1)

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #4 (Part 2)


Skill #5: CLOSING – Helping Prospects Join

The key to success in this area is a combination of having good posture and asking good questions. Good posture means the way you carry yourself. Your words and ac- tions will help your prospect feel more confident about joining your opportunity or they will plant seeds of doubt.

  • First, professionals are emotionally detached from the outcome.
  • Second, they are very assumptive in their approach.
  • Third, it was interesting to learn they promote themselves as much as they promotethe product or opportunity.
  • Fourth, they are always prepared.
  • And fifth, they ask question, after question, after question AND are great listeners.See the Go Pro book for the whole story…

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #5


Skill #6: TRAINING/INTERVIEW – Help Prospects That Join Get Started Right

At this very moment you are in the midst of the Initial Interview after recently committing yourself to building your very own Isagenix Home-Based Business… Your Sponsor’s job is to help you get over the line of merely wanting to earn extra income to actually earn- ing those first dollars that will give you the sweet taste of what’s to come if you consis- tently follow the Daily Method Of Operation with the Three Step System, apply the skills you are learning and teach those that join you to do the same.

What can help a person get over the line? Here’s what Eric Worre says: Signing up their first customer. Signing up their first distributor. Getting their first commission check. Attending a big company event. Making friends inside the organization. Proclaiming their intentions to the world. Getting promoted to a new level. Being recognized for some sort of achievement. All these events lead to a great feeling…

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #6



This is a people business. And as such, you have to be in constant contact with your Team to get motivated, recognized, inspired, trained and energized. Nowadays people are busy and lose sight of the effect live events have. Yes, we have a very important event every Monday Evening online. It is our Weekly Team Training Webinar. To regis- ter, visit But… Live events are super important. You can find events by checking the Events section in your Associate Back Office and I highly rec- ommend a yearly life changing event at the

Here are some of Eric Worre’s thoughts on events:
“There’s something magical about getting away from your day-to-day grind and focusing completely on your dreams. Total immersion, even if it’s only for a weekend, is GOOD. You can use it to refocus and recommit to your future and gather the strength necessary to go back home and do what’s necessary to move your business forward.”

Here is a link to George Ruiz’s WEBINAR on Skill #7


As the final step in the Initial Interview process, your Sponsor, together with your BDP Team Upline, will work on an Action Plan designed to meet your goals. This will include a Daily Method Of Operation and the selection of the BDP Star Project Launch that is right for you.

At A Minimum, To Get Started – Here’s Your Daily Method Of Operation:

Using the list you prepared with Skill#1…

  • A. Connect with Prospects to create curiosity – Use Skill #2
  • B. Present to create desire in your prospects – Use Skill #3
  • C. Follow-Up to provide the best solution – Use Skill #4

Then Team up with your Sponsor/Upline to help your prospects join using Skill #5. Once your prospects join you, use Skill #6 to interview and train them. Finally, Celebrate Success with your Team using Skill #7…Your mission is: “Get Paid And Get Your People Paid.”  Let us help you do this easier, faster and better!

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It's Time! Connect, Present And Follow-Up With At Least 2 People Daily Starting Now! You Know How To Do It...

But before you get started... It would be a sad situation to have found the perfect Millionaire Making System* and fail because one does not have a strong enough WHY. The bigger your WHY, the bigger your success. Don't say just 'I need more money' or 'I want a new car'. Make it a Billion Dollar WHY. As an Architect, I have a Billion Dollar WHY, which is to provide housing solutions for Millions of people in third world countries. Things will start happening once your WHY is solid and in place....

Watch an eye opening talk that will help you understand and find your true WHY. Click on the video below...

"Knowing WHAT, HOW and WHEN
Is Worthless Without Your WHY"

Bring Your Own Why...

  • q-iconA Question For You! Do You Have A WHY?

    If you do, I congratulate you and am confident you will be successful in your Isagenix business and will achieve and even surpass your goals! If you don’t, it’s not to late. Take the time you need to find your real WHY, and then come back and implement the BDP’s System. You will be unstoppable! CLICK HERE  for a video that shows another quality that helps people achieve.

  • q-iconI Saw A Neat BDP Video, Something To Do With A License To Earn. Where Can I Find It?

    That was a spoof based on the “Enterprising Women” video using a Agent 007 theme. It is one of my favorites and it does represent what to me is a legitimate claim that the BDP gives you a “License To Earn From Home”! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

BDP Team Leadership

George & Adrianne Ruiz George & Adrianne Ruiz, BDP Founders, Isagenix Millionaires

Inside every human being there is a spirit that wants to excel, enjoy freedom, contribute, be healthy, fit, powerful yet humble, and to be a light to the world. We believe that the Isagenix/BDP combination is a vehicle where you can release all that ability. The products are amazing, the pay plan is powerful, the management is genius and the person you will become priceless!

LeeAnn Jackson LeeAnn Jackson, BDP Co-Founder, Isagenix Millionaire

The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're no longer willing to stay where you are. Once you have decided, Isagenix and the BDP Team provide the vehicle that will take you there with the fastest most direct and fun route imaginable.

Alex & Marlena Kokin Alex & Marlena Kokin, BDP Co-Founder, Isagenix Millionaires, 100 Pound Club Member

Congratulations on what could end up being the most important decision of your financial life! It is possible* to double, triple or even quadruple your current income, working part-time from practically anywhere. The best part is that you are just 3 simple steps away from getting started. Allow us and your BDP Team to guide you, and help you achieve your financial goals...

Tracy Larsen Tracy Larsen, BDP Co-Founder, Six Figure Earners Club

Welcome New Associates to Isagenix and The BDP. We value our new associates and want to make sure you have a great track to run on! On this Web site you'll find everything you need to build a huge lasting residual income! The things you see here have been proven, they work. You will save a lot of time and effort if you follow our system, (Don't reinvent the wheel). By joining Isagenix you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We are here to help you! I wish you all the success you desire!

Roberto Perez and Kerensa Luciano Roberto Perez and Kerensa Luciano, BDP Co-Founder, Six Figure Earners Club

Nuestra pasión es desarrollar personas que se conviertan en líderes profesionales y productivos en sus negocios y en la vida. "Será un verdadero placer trabajar junto contigo dando el máximo, para que tu y tus equipos logren sus objetivos y metas"

Rick and Susy Despain Rick and Susy Despain, Former Isagenix VP, Corporate Millionaire Turned Associate

Rick and Susy are making their dreams come true by helping their Team members succeed!